Splash Supporters


Over the years Splash has become a highly respected and valued youth project which has generated support across the county.  Houeshold names including Bear Grylls and Mike Brown have previously shown their support of our fantasic project and achievements.  Following the completion of the merger with Community First in April 2016 Shara Grylls took the reigns in the families continued support of Splash.  Shara is now Vice Patron for Community First.


Shara Grylls May Project 2014Shara has visited several Splash project days and relishes the opportunity to get involved and get to know some of her fellow Splashers. Her first visit to a Splash Wild Wiltshire project involved Shara starting her own fire with a flint and steel and then helping to make bread twists to cook for lunch. After joining the project Shara said

"I really believe Splash is a life changing opportunity which makes a real difference in these young people's lives."

[Shara Grylls 2nd from left with Rachel Bush of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Mel Bradley of Splash and volunteer PC Stuart Welch]


peter vaughan  peter duke


Wiltshire’s very own TV chef Peter Vaughan has also accepted the role of Vice Patron for Community First following the merger.

Celebrity chef Peter has been involved with Splash for several years – providing expert advice and tuition on food related projects, and recently providing the catering at a drinks reception fundraising event;

“I love this small project that does such fantastic work with Wiltshire young people who are facing challenges in their lives. I have seen first-hand the positive impact Splash projects have on building self esteem and confidence and equipping these young people with essential life skills.”