Work with

Nominate young people- Do you work with vulnerable young people aged 9-16 years who would benefit from attending positive activities during the school holidays? Yes? Then view our activities page and download a Booking Form from our website home page.  You can send us your booking form by POST or you can SCAN your form and EMAIL it to us. We must have a parental signature on all forms. 

Deliver Activities- Are you an activity provider who would like to work with Splash to run positive activity projects for vulnerable young people during school holidays? Yes? Then please contact us.

Commission us- Would you like Splash to run an activity for your local youth group, school or organisation? Yes? Then please contact us.

Join us- Do you have an interest in working with young people? Are you free in the school holidays? Would you like to be a youth support worker or Splash Volunteer? Yes? Then please contact us.