What should you bring on a project day

If you need to take medication whilst you are out with Splash please ensure you bring a completed medication consent form with you, along with the medication it its original packaging.  This is extremely important in case we should need to seek medical advice – we can ensure we have all the information available to us.

Please wear weather appropriate clothing –

In Winter this means warm layers such as a vest, t-shirt, thick jumper, 2 pairs of socks, long trousers, waterproof leggings, etc.  You must also bring a coat with you – even if it is not raining when you leave home.  If you have them please also bring wellies to our outdoor activities.

In the summer please wear sun tan lotion, and if you are attending a session in woodlands please wear or bring with you long trousers and long sleeves.  Ticks live in the woods and are dangerous if they latch on to you.  A sunhat and sunglasses can also be a good idea.

Some of our activities include lunch – please check your confirmation letter for each session.

Always bring a drink though, and if you only like certain foods it is always a good idea to bring something to eat in case you don’t like what is provided for you.