Project Feedback


Below are just a few quotes from Parents, Young People and Volunteers relating to their Splash experiences: 

"Splash is a Godsend. Splash offers me, as a single parent, reprieve. Those few hours of activities offer me a chance to regenerate. Dealing with the overwhelming responsibility of a child is hard work. I am maintaining work and study, as well as a healthy and happy child. Splash performs an important function at a time when people are struggling. What Splash will do is help prevent my son, the next generation, from becoming a disaffected youth. This cannot be applauded enough.” A Mother


"I had a brilliant time and I think all the kids did too."  A Volunteer


"J probably does not say or show his enthusiasm during events but he clearly enjoys the activities as he keeps wanting to go on them which is confirmation of his enjoyment in itself - an autistic positive response! Thank you for organising them, it also means that at home life is less stressful as a bonus" - A Parent


"I feel that Splash has greatly improved his self esteem. At primary school he was often labelled as the naughty boy by both the staff and parents due to his ADHD and aspergers."  A Parent


"The fire station was fun. I made some new friends and felt more confident. I was worried when I first got there but didn't take long to feel not worried."  A Young Person


“R had a fabulous time.  I think these activities really help him gain independence and self-confidence."  A Parent


"Attendance at school has always been good but engagement in lessons was not. We have seen improvements in attendance to lessons". A Parent

“By allowing the children to attend Splash it has enabled me to see their capabilities and realise that I should give them more independence.  This is hard because of what we have been through as a family – but I’m getting there.  Today I have let them go for a dog walk without me – this is a massive step for me and them”.  A Parent


 “I’m not much of a smiler but I enjoyed this”  A Young Person


"Today I felt calm and peaceful” A Young Person