SPLASH Partners

In order for SPLASH to continue to deliver high quality activities for young people, we have maintained working in close partnership with the following partners:

CF COLOUR with tag line JPEG  smallCommunity First and Youth Action Wiltshire

As of November 2014 SPLASH and Community First merged activities. SPLASH retains its individual identity but now comes under Youth Action Wiltshire, the youth arm of Community First.



Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Since securing core funding from the Wiltshire PCC in 2013 SPLASH has successfully delivered an increased diverse,    PCCwidespread programme of activities during every school holiday period.  The team have increased funds and reduce costs, as well as continued to raise the profile of the charity throughout the communities in which we work. 



Wiltshire Police Crest

Wiltshire Police

SPLASH has been supported by Wiltshire Police for over 26 years, a friendship that has enabled us to work closely with NPT’s, PC’s and PCSO’s.


Wiltshire Council LogoWiltshire Council

Throughout the years, SPLASH has been supported through various Wiltshire Council funding streams including local community Area Boards & Local Youth Networks to provide activities for targeted groups of young people.

NHS WiltshireNHS Wiltshire

Since 2012, NHS Wiltshire has supported SPLASH by offering grants to provide places on all SPLASH activities for Wiltshire’s Young Carers. 

WWT LogoWiltshire Wildlife Trust

A key provider who we have been building relationships with for the past 5+ years, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and their education team have partnered together on funding applications and delivery of targeted projects including the Our Environment Our Future programme and other accredited schemes.

WOLT LogoWiltshire Outdoor Learning Team

As ever, SPLASH have been able to rely on the highly experienced team at WOLT to deliver a range of outdoor activities including watersports, extreme sports and overnight survival residentials.

Funding Sources

SPLASH has continued to survive and sustain a wide range of activities for young people in Wiltshire due to the support and strong partnerships with the organisations above.  However, we are also supported by a range of other funding bodies, organisations and other independent charities without whom we could not continue to provide such an excellent and well respected programme for our young people.