Our Vision

“Splash’s vision is of an inclusive and equal society where young people are supported and encouraged to positively participate in their communities”


Our work will be guided by these values as we work towards our vision;

Respect –We will treat all people with consideration and dignity and will encourage diversity.

Integrity – We will be honest, open and fair and commit to being ethical in dealing with information and people.

Quality – Our focus will be to do the best we can and strive for excellence through continuous improvement and regular assessment

Teamwork – We are committed to effective partnerships and will look for opportunities to collaborate and work with others to combine our skills, knowledge and resources, in order to add value and achieve more.

Accountability – We are committed to measuring, achieving and reporting results and to using all donations wisely and appropriately.

Safeguarding – We are committed to safeguarding young people and will ensure that all those who work with us commit to our safeguarding policies and procedures and have the relevant and current training and security clearances.

To ensure a positive experience for everyone Splash expect the following behaviours to be adhered to at all times:

  • Be respectful of other young people and adults at all times

  • Listen to others, to the project facilitators and carry out reasonable instructions given

  • Be helpful and supportive of each other

  • Be kind to other people and make friends whilst on a project

  • Be respectful of  other people’s belongings

  • Do not threaten, abuse or bully (including when using social media outlets)

  • Avoid the use of bad language

  • Do not talk when others are talking

  • Keep yourself and others safe by using tools and utensils safely and as instructed

  • If you have a problem/ are upset / angry tell someone and talk to someone about it.

  • Splash discourages smoking therefore smoking is not allowed on premises during Splash projects.

  • Splash projects are drug and alcohol free zones.

  • Do not bring any items that could be construed as dangerous or inappropriate


    These behaviours are key to Splash days being successful.  The young people will be reminded of these requirements and asked to think about their behaviour. If they act inappropriately arrangements may be made for them to leave the project.

    In return Splash pledge to:

  • Provide a safe, fun, positive environment for young people to flourish

  • Provide kind, caring, reasonable members of staff who are experienced and competent in Youth Engagement work

  • Safeguard all young people at all times during a Splash activity

  • Ensure all young people engage with activities to the best of their ability

  • Encourage, support and mentor young people throughout the Splash activities

  • Act in a friendly, firm and fair manner.  Address unacceptable behaviour and where appropriate make decisions which can include removing an individual if they are not engaging appropriately.

  • Listen to feedback from young people and families on their experiences and take on-board opportunities for improvement